Evolution of the Bitaxe & Related Projects

Evolution of the Bitaxe & Related Projects

Brief update to the Bitaxe / OSMU scene - there is plenty going on (its hard to keep up!).

There are a few variants of the Bitaxe out there now:

  • Bitaxe Supra (utilises a BM1368 ASIC chip taken from the Antminer S21 offering a higher hashrate of around 620GH/s)
  • Bitaxe Hex (though still under development / early days, there are working units hashing at 2-3 TH/s)
  • PiAxe (a HAT for Raspberry Pi that allows you to use a BM1366 and hash away with Pyminer - similar rate to the Bitaxe Ultra: 450GH/s)
  • Qaxe (four BM1366s and Pyminer - a combination of the Piaxe and the Bitaxe)
  • A few other projects and accessories are also taking off: Bitcrane, Antsniffer, Bithalo, and more!

Now I only get to manage this site from time to time as its really a hobby/enthusiast site - but I highly recommend checking out the OSMU Wiki for more information on these projects, how to build them, and support the community making headway on the decentralisation and strengthening of Bitcoin, the network, and mining here: https://osmu.wiki/ 


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