How to use the Bitaxe Web Flasher

Bitaxe Web Flasher Interface Screenshot

Got a new Bitaxe? Or want to update your Bitaxe to the latest firmware?

WantClue, a prominent figure in the OSMU scene (with a great YouTube channel consisting of guides and updates on the whole Bitaxe (& variants) movement), has created a simple interface for people to connect, flash and update their Bitaxe devices - you can find it here: Bitaxe Web Flasher.

How to use it?

The web flasher utilises the in bowser connectivity of Chrome or Edge to connect to your Bitaxe via USB (no need to plug in PSU - explained below) and flash firmware to the device.

1. Go to the Web Flasher site - Bitaxe Web Flasher

2. While holding the "boot" button on your Bitaxe, plug the device into your PC via USB cable.  Holding 'boot' enters the Bitaxe into flash mode.

3. Choose from the list your type of update / flash desired.  At time of writing there are four options: 3 options to flash Factory firmware, which will erase your device and flash the firmware selected. The update option will flash the latest firmware - and its important to note that you do not have to erase your device if just updating (this will keep stats and settings such as Wi-Fi in tact).


4. If the device is successfully connected and recognised by your PC and browser, you can click on "CONNECT" and select the USB connected device from the list.

5. A pop-up window will appear with a prompt to erase or not, and proceed.  Once you proceed the flashing will commence and a percentage wheel will show you the progress.

6. Done - once complete, unplug your device, plug in your PSU and check your device is functioning properly.

WantClue has made a video tutorial on this, which may be easier to follow - check out the video here: WantClue Bitaxe Web Flasher Tutorial.

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