What will you find here?

What will you find here?

32Bitcoins is an Australian website and store offering curated educational guides and information on Bitcoin projects from around the world.  There is a strong emphasis on open source projects with the hope to bring more attention and awareness of their existence and importance.

Most, if not all, of the products and information provided here is readily available online from various sources.  We link to the original sources where possible, which includes links to obtain materials to build any of the products we list in our store where possible too - after all, they are mostly open source projects!

We offer guides and articles on the devices and hardware listed here to either assist you in building your own, or giving you a background on the project, its purpose, and updates.

Many projects listed here are evolving fast - so be sure to bookmark the source links provided in our articles to ensure up to date information too.  Or reach out to us and ask a question - we'll be happy to try and help out!

Our initial purpose for setting up was to give Australian's a place to source hardware and components for the great projects listed on this site - however we do ship globally!

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