Bitaxe Setup Guide

Bitaxe Setup Guide

This guide should be fairly global, in terms of getting a fully assembled Bitaxe from somewhere online and then getting it up and hashing.  Main thing here is to guide through setting up your WiFi connection with the unit, basic settings, and away we go.

1. Most vendors will ship a Bitaxe without the LCD screen attached, so it should be somewhere in the package.  There are four pins on the back of the screen which fit into the four pin-holes at the top of the Bitaxe unit... that's it!

2. Plug in your PSU into the wall and into the Bitaxe.  Once it powers up there will be text displaying something like "Connecting to ssid: XXXXXXX".  This is a temporary SSID sometimes flashed to the software that the unit will attempt to connect to.  It will attempt to connect to this SSID (which it won't be able to), then the screen will display "Connect to ssid: biatxe_XXXX).  When you see this, connect your phone or PC to this SSID and it will load the initial settings site of your Bitaxe.

3. Once your connected to the Bitaxe's SSID and see the settings page on your phone or PC, enter in your own WiFi in the fields (WiFi SSID - enter the connection you wish to connect the device to) and the password.  

4. Scroll down and you can enter the pool you wish to mine with - we recommend Public Pool (enter: in the URL line, and 21496 in the Stratum Port field).

5. Enter your BTC address in the Stratum User field (or if using a pool that supports usernames, enter your username).  And it is recommended to add a worker name at the end of your address/username by adding a '.' (full stop) after your address then typing in a name (such as 'MyBitaxe').

You have the option to tinker with Frequency and Voltage to see if you can boost hash rates a little bit, but we recommend leaving the default values in place.

6. Once done, there is a 'save' button at the bottom of the settings fields.  Click that, a message will appear saying you need to restart your Bitaxe for the settings to be applied.  You can either press the 'reset' button on the Bitaxe or unplug and re-plug-in the PSU to reset the device.

That should be it! Give it a couple of mins to connect and start hashing.  If you have any issues with a Bitaxe bought from, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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